The Different Reasons Why People Fidget

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Paper clips, clicking pens, stress balls, magnets, rubber bands, stones and many such other things are a way for a lot of people to keep their hands busy. People often fidget without even knowing it. It is when you mindlessly fidget and someone points it out to you and that is when you realize. While a lot of people fidget at work or even at home, they might not know that are doing themselves a huge favor.

Fidgeting helps to relieve stress and people actually unknowingly do something that is going to help them concentrate on their work better. However, some of your fidgeting habits might be annoying to the people or co-workers around you. The best tool for such people is the fidget spinner. Fidget spinners are a great ways of venting out monotony and you can keep your hands busy with it even while listening to a lecture, pondering over a project or working through a problem.

Although fidgeting is not a part of your work, and you might be doing it unintentionally, there are a lot of reasons that assess such behavior of yours. Here are some of the reasons that will help you understand why you fidget and why it is actually good for you.

Floating Attention

Floating attention is a concept that dates back to probably the prehistoric times, when it was not entirely desirable to put your 100% focus on a single task. Experts have used the concept of fidgeting to find out as how they can increase the productivity or work of an individual by maximizing the effect of the same. Researchers ask questions like how do people fiddle? What are their objects of interest made of? What do they enjoy the most about it and how does it feel?

The fidget spinner is a tool that has been devised by keeping all these questions in mind. It addresses one of the main reasons of fiddling at work or when under stress, and that is floating attention.

It Acts as a Coping Mechanism

It is something that a lot of people do, but very few actually know the reason behind it. Fidgeting is a form of coping mechanism for people with anxiety and nervousness. It is one of the reasons why such people are not able to sustain their attention on one task for a very long time. When rope engage in such activities that are monotonous or is not able to hold on to their attention, they automatically start fidgeting. It is a coping mechanism used by the brain to make fidgeting act as stimuli for making that particular work appear more entertaining or interesting.

To put it more simply, fidgeting distracts that part of the brain which is bored, so the the rest of the parts can focus on whatever you’re reading, seeing or hearing, whether it is at work or outside.

Keep your hands busy with the fidget spinner and help your brain focus better at any work. The fidget spinner helps to keep your annoying fidgeting habits at bay and make you a more likable person at work. Get efficient and get going with the new fidgeting gadget today!

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